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The Koi Place

6427 Toestring Valley Road,

Spring City, TN 37381

Mobile: 423.677.2168

At The Koi Place we have koi for sale suitable for both ponds and aquariums at our farm in East Tennessee. These koi are not imported but spawned and raised in our mud ponds and are therefore acclimatized to the East Tennessee weather.

Our breeding stock include yamabuki ogons, showa, chargoi and saroigoi also sanke, kohaku and ochiba. We carry out both flock and controlled spawnings giving us a wide range of sizes, types and colors including doitzu, standard and butterfly koi.

Many people these days want a small water feature on the patio, apartment veranda or in the case of condos, even on the roof. These features are usually small ponds, and for these and also aquarium owners we have developed Bonsai Koi. In every spawning a percentage of koi are smaller and slower growing than their siblings, we take these koi at a young age and by keeping them in an aquarium or small pond and by a feeding regimen of low protein food these koi will stay small for a long time. They have all the color and glisten of full size koi but the small pond or aquarium owner can enjoy them for several years.

Find us at 6427 Toestring Valley Road, Spring City, TN 37381 located within a reasonable driving distance from Knoxville, Chattanooga and Dayton. Cell # 423 677 2168.

Koi for sale from our Mud Pond

Koi for sale from our Mud Pond

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