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The Koi Place

6427 Toestring Valley Road,

Spring City, TN 37381

Mobile: 423.677.2168

The Koi Place is a family business owned and managed by Janet and Gordon Lenham. We have always had a garden pond with koi but wanted to raise them and develop them in a more natural environment.


We had our first mud pond which is approximately 150' x 50' dug in July 08 and enjoyed seeing our koi grow and develop. Wanting our fry to hatch and grow in similar conditions we had two further but smaller ponds dug in February 2010 with a 4th ornamental pond added the same year.


The conditions here in East Tennessee turned out to be ideal for producing attractive, good quality koi. Local pond owners started dropping by to ask if we had koi for sale and the business started from there.

Please visit our web site regularly - more news and information will be added on a regular basis


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